Mont. Saint-Michel

To celebrate the launch of my next book, Body on the Island which is released on 23rd February, I’m running a competition. The first to guess the island in my book will win a signed copy of book 1 and book 2.

Island’s are fascinating, with their natural isolation and that sense of abandonment. They’re also perfect elusive settings for many books. Today’s island is Mont. Saint-Michel and is the base for Angela Carter’s magnificent story The Bloody Chamber. A fabulously gothic re-imagining of a European fairy tale, this story has a murderous marquis taking his new wife to the island where the causeway floods, leaving the castle inaccessible. There are his previous dead wives in a room she should not enter; iron maidens; and a blind piano tuner. The island quickly becomes a frightening, beautiful prison. ‘That lovely, sad, sea siren of a place!’ I won’t spoil it and tell you her fate.

Sadly, this magnificent island is not the island in my book. But which is? All the clues are in the book. Good luck!


I was incredibly honoured that The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder was announced as Book of the Year 2020 by In Search of the Classic Mystery. I shared the prize with Robert Thorogood (creator of Death in Paradise) with his book The Marlow Murder Club which is a fantastic book! Robert was incredibly kind about my book too. So that was a fantastic end to 2020!. To see the list of all the books in the running, click here to go to the website. There are some wonderul books in this list, many of which are on my book pile. This is a fabulous website that explores classic murder mysteries, both past and present. If you’re a fan of GAD you’ll love it!

One of this amazing crime reviewer’s books of the year!

I’m absolutely thrilled that The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder is one of the Puzzle Doctor’s books of the year. This is an amazing crime reviewer and a real connoisseur of Golden Age detective novels so I feel incredibly honoured. What a nice Christmas present! Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone.

You can see all his reviews here and his other choices for books of the year here