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The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder is announced as The People’s Book Prize winner 2021 for fiction.

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder is named BOOK OF THE YEAR by In Search of the Classic Mystery. Along with the very fabulous Robert Thorogood who had some lovely things to say about the book.


Praise for The Smart Women

‘Dark, witty and whipsmart, Victoria Dowd brings Golden Age mystery bang up to date with intrigue, sass and twists you will not see coming!’ Sam Blake, international bestselling author of Little Bones, short listed for Irish Crime Novel of the Year

‘I raced through this brilliant murder mystery in a single weekend, frequently laughing out loud and enjoying every minute of it! Clever, suspenseful, and utterly engaging, Victoria Dowd’s books are my favourite in the genre, and her latest is another perfect ice-cold gem’ Philippa East, short listed for CWA Dagger
“Once I started, I didn’t want to stop – completely addictive, supremely clever and fabulous from cover to cover. Victoria Dowd has done it again – all the hallmarks of a golden age classic brought bang up-to-date with the deftest of touches, gallons of good humour and a deliciously devilish whodunnit.” Jonathan Whitelaw, award winning journalist and broadcaster, author of The Bingo Hall Detectives
‘The Smart Women are back with a (literal) gothic chiller, courtesy of Victoria Dowd’s uncanny ability to portray psychological breakdown along with a side of belly-laughs. An icy puzzle filled with twists, murder, and a surprising number of reindeer!’ Antony Johnston, New York Times bestseller, award winning author of The Dog Sitter Detective and Atomic Blonde.
‘I raced through this dark, witty, utterly charming read, replete with larger-than-life characters, a deliciously atmospheric setting and a clever plot that had me guessing all the way to the shocking end reveal. An utterly captivating read with a wicked edge to it that will have you laughing and gasping along the way!’ Alex Chaudhury, bestselling author of The Final Party
‘Playful, funny and seriously deadly. I can’t believe this is my first ‘Smart Woman’ mystery, it certainly won’t be my last. A book to curl up in front of the fire with (but close those curtains against the cold darkness outside). Perfect for Christmas.’ Julie Anderson, author longlisted for CWA Dagger
A gruesome poisoning, reindeer to the rescue and a man frozen solid under ice – welcome to a v special winter wedding. The Smart Women are on top form, as is their creator
Victoria Dowd.
This is the perfect Christmas read.’ 
Eleni Kyriacou, author of The Unspeakable Acts of Zina Pavlou, a Between the Covers pick
‘The Smart Women are off for Finnish nuptials in Victoria Dowd’s
superb fifth outing for her amateur sleuths. Expect evocative prose, poison, and lashings of razor-sharp wit. And if you’ve ever wondered: can you ride a reindeer? This is the book for you.’ Tom Benjamin,  author of the Daniel Leicester series
‘Just what you need to scare the life out of you this winter. Victoria Dowd takes you on an ingenious, macabre and occasionally hilarious locked “icebox” mystery where little is what it seems and the twists and revelations will astound you.’ Graham Bartlett, Sunday Times bestseller.
 Twisty, pacy and with an unforgettable cast of characters, this may be Dowd’s best work yet and that’s saying something. One of those rare books that I wanted to reread immediately after finishing – Awais Khan, award winning author of No Honour.
 ‘Dowd has unsurprisingly done it again! She’s given her fans yet another gloriously zesty murder mystery made all the more entertaining by dint of her devious mind, linguistic aplomb and assiduous craftmanship.’ Paul Spalding-Mulcock, The Yorkshire Times

‘I thought her variation of the dying message clue, was brilliantly executed in a very creative way.’ Crossexamining Crime

‘this atmospheric masterpiece is a must-read of the year.’ The Book Decoder

‘If Stella Gibbons wrote Agatha Christie, this would be it.’

‘A little literary delight!’

‘This book is sharp’

‘A fabulous whodunnit’




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