Hello and thank you for coming to my website. Here’s a little about me. I’m a crime writer and author of the bestselling Smart Woman’s mystery series. I was really fortunate with my debut novel, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder, to win The People’s Book Prize 2021 for fiction. It was also named In Search of the Classic Mystery’s novel of the year.

I love writing short fiction and was very lucky to be awarded the Gothic Fiction prize in 2019. My work has been published in various literary journals and magazines.

I have spoken at various literary festivals, including Crimefest, Newcastle Noir, Crime in the Countryside and the International Agatha Christie Festival where I was honoured to be asked to speak on her birthday. I’ve also had the great privilege of being the gala dinner speaker at the CWA conference this year in Torquay and am head of the London CWA and have been elected to the board of the CWA.

I’m originally from Yorkshire, which possibly explains the passion for all things Gothic and dark and, after studying law at Cambridge University, went on to be a criminal law barrister for many years, appearing at the Old Bailey. I now just write about crimes.