Mont. Saint-Michel

To celebrate the launch of my next book, Body on the Island which is released on 23rd February, I’m running a competition. The first to guess the island in my book will win a signed copy of book 1 and book 2.

Island’s are fascinating, with their natural isolation and that sense of abandonment. They’re also perfect elusive settings for many books. Today’s island is Mont. Saint-Michel and is the base for Angela Carter’s magnificent story The Bloody Chamber. A fabulously gothic re-imagining of a European fairy tale, this story has a murderous marquis taking his new wife to the island where the causeway floods, leaving the castle inaccessible. There are his previous dead wives in a room she should not enter; iron maidens; and a blind piano tuner. The island quickly becomes a frightening, beautiful prison. ‘That lovely, sad, sea siren of a place!’ I won’t spoil it and tell you her fate.

Sadly, this magnificent island is not the island in my book. But which is? All the clues are in the book. Good luck!

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