The first live reading of Body on the Island

Good morning! I hope you’re all safe and well. As some of you know, I’ve been doing these live readings of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder for a fantastic authors’ association every week since the first lockdown and it’s been so lovely and surprising to see quite a few of you have started following along.

I don’t think at the beginning I had any idea they would go on so long! We’re now coming to the end of that book and the sequel is due to be published on 23rd February. So, from the start, here is my first live reading of Body on the Island. One day I hope to do a reading in a bookshop and you’re all very welcome to come! Until then, I continue to read to my screen every Thursday morning and hope these give a little entertainment for ten minutes with a cup of coffee at the end of the week. Have a lovely day and I hope to see you at a real live reading one day. Here’s the link to the book which is available for pre-order

And here’s the link to watch the reading.

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