Audiobook news!!

I’m a huge fan of listening to audiobooks. There’s always a Miss Marple or Poirot on in my car. I think a book takes on a subtle change and different nuances arise when it’s read aloud. People don’t read to each other very often anymore and yet it used to be quite popular. My little boy still does and it’s an utter joy and so relaxing to be read to. He’s listening to How to Train Your Dragon read by David Tennant and now when he reads that book to me, it’s always with a Scottish accent!

I’m utterly thrilled that the first three books in my series have been picked up by Tantor and are going to be produced as audiobooks. The first in the series, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder, is out on 29th June and is being read by the incredibly talented Esher Wane. I’m so excited to hear it. The Smart women have been talking inside my head for a very long time. It will give them a whole new dimension to hear someone else’s interpretation.

In the meantime, as many of you know, I’ve been doing a little live reading every week since the lockdowns began. I’ve done a special one today to celebrate the audiobook launch and you can listen to it here.

Thankfully, a professional will be doing the real thing and you can find that on Audible here or Amazon here.

I hope you enjoy it and maybe you’ll be tempted to read aloud to someone or be lucky enough to have someone read to you. Have a lovely day.

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