Crime On My Hands

I hope you are all keeping well, safe and sane in these dark and difficult times. I hope you are managing to stay in some form of contact with your loved ones, family and friends. I hope you are still finding some joy in your lives or at least some comfort.

If you need a bit of something to fill a hole in the day or just to switch off to and let the words flood over you as you gently drift off to sleep, here is me reading the first chapter of my book. I won’t be having the traditional form of book launch or touring around reading extracts from my book. But what that does mean is you can nod off without feeling guilty because I can’t see you.

With thanks to the sound dept. (Mr. K. J. Dowd) without whom I’d still be talking into my website on the iPad wondering why it wasn’t appearing.

Enjoy. Stay safe, happy and well. 

Love V

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