Promises, promises…

Having set out with the greatest of intentions, my website has been a little neglected due to a variety of fun and exciting new ventures.  I’ve been scaring myself to death by speaking in schools about being a writer; talking at book groups about my book; and, in an echo of my previous life, judging a debating competition at a boys’ school – more of which to follow.  It’s all been enormous fun and people have been so kind.  I have, of course, shamefully used all of these wonderful occasions as elaborate excuses to dodge work!

As all good resolutions should be made in Summer, I decided to fulfil this holiday’s pledge and actually use my website to get some work out that sits in the dark drawers of my desk.  I think my first proper post should be some fiction and not some form of rambling about my daily nonsense – although I’m sure I’ll manage that too in some form.

So, here is a recent story.  Take five minutes, a cup of tea and hopefully enjoy.  After all, it’s free.  Let me know what you think   HIde and Seek


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